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Bridge Lending

Bridge Loans is a temporary financing solution offered when there is a money gap shortfall.

For instance:
1. You have not sold your existing home but have found your Dream Home and you need money fast. Traditional bank financing is generally not an option because your current home is listed.
2. You want to buy an investment property but don’t quite have enough money and traditional bank financing is not available and you want to close quickly.
3. You applied for a loan with another lender and the loan dollars were cut and you need money quickly.

4. You found a great property and you want to compete with all cash offers.
5. You have bad credit and need some extra cash and traditional financing is not an option.
6. You don’t show income on your taxes and don’t qualify for traditional financing.
7. You owe the IRS and need money quickly.
8. You recently completed a BK, short sale or foreclosure.

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